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About First Aid Mastery

First Aid Mastery is a visionary first aid training organisation. In 1994, our Founder, Amanda Clarke, created the OPTIMUM First Aid Course through the OPTIMUM Training Consultancy practice; which went on to become recognised as an industry leader. Today, she still leads the way in showing everyone how easy it is to become a First Aid Master!

Amanda has had a passion for teaching First Aid and you can benefit from her cutting-edge approach to this training. 

Previously a British Army medic, Amanda pioneered the use of accelerated learning methods in First Aid training. She believes everyone has the ability to help in an emergency situation. Her vision is that all adults and children in the UK will have a basic understanding of what to do in an emergency situation. She offers a small number of direct delivery certification courses to adults and children; direct delivery and blended learning. 

Amanda's pioneering Blended Learning "First Aid at Work" and "Paediatric First Aid' Courses offers more flexibility to learners and their Employers - learners study two-thirds of the subject in their own time, and demonstrate their knowledge and skill during the classroom based training and assessment. For more information please get in touch.  

Courses available include:

First Aid at Work (3 Days) - Accredited for High Risk environments

Emergency First Aid (1 Day) - Non-accredited for lower risk/non-HSE specified workplace

PAEDIATRIC First Aid - For OFSTED recognised course go to 

First Aid for Teachers & Teaching Assistants (1 Day)

First Aid for Drivers (1 Day)

More about Amanda Clarke:
Since 1988 Amanda has been practicing and teaching first aid. Her claim to fame is that she has dealt with almost every injury imaginable; except for an amputation (where it is a clean cut). She shares her experiences to help others understand the different scenarios and emphasises the impact of just a few simple words.

In January 2012, Amanda made a commitment to donate half of her work time to volunteer work. She went out to Bolivia and provided emergency rescue assistance with an organisation called Hospital of Hope ( During her stay she began teaching Paramedics, Doctors and ER staff about the brain and how language patterns affect patient recovery times. You can see the log of her experiences on the Facebook Page: Amanda's Bolivian Mission

Watch Amanda Clarke, explaining about the rule of nines